The Wall

The Wall is an Affective and Effective Observational Safety Programme that will embed a strong and durable culture of safety. It is affective because it proactively drives behaviours and culture, and effective because it successfully delivers a step change in safety performance. The Wall features:

  • Customised training workshops
  • Team-based coaches and mentors
  • Positive safety related engagements in natural non-forced circumstances
  • Information-driven improvement plans

The four key stages of The Wall programme are:

  1. Preparation
  2. Familiarisation
  3. Formalisation
  4. Integration

Two vital building blocks of The Wall are SHOWUP and SHOWME. SHOW stands for Safety and Health Observational aWareness.

SHOWUP provides grass-roots employees and front line supervisors with the skills and tools to engage positively and effectively with leaders higher up.

SHOWME gives mid-level (M) and executive (E) leaders the skills and tools to engage positively and effectively with others in the organisation, in a style consistent with SHOWUP.

The Wall SHOWUP and SHOWME reflect the knowledge and experience of Brian Holmes relating to observable safety activity accumulated over a 30 year international career. Over a four year timeline between 1998 and 2002 he implemented and continuously improved a behavioural safety model into Dulux NZ.

In 2011 Brian prepared a presentation for the Royal New Zealand Navy Safety Governance Board, in which he reviews a book on Affective Safety by Dr Tim Marsh of Ryder Marsh (Safety) Ltd, a past team leader of behavioural safety researchers at UMIST in the UK. To view the presentation click here.